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Endorsement for NPCO 签证原产地证书 (1st Nov 2021)

Please be informed that the NPCO endorsement services will be done through back-office at JBCCCI’ office. Malaysian companies are advised to refer to the following SOP process to seek endorsement of NPCO: 

Operation hours:  9:30AM to 4:00PM (Monday to Friday) 

- For NPCO submission and collection only 
- For considering the reduction of human touch a top priority, no manual endorsement of - NPCO Certificate of Origin will be done on the spot. 

Submission on Monday       : Collection on Tuesday
Submission on Tuesday       : Collection on Wednesday
Submission on Wednesday  : Collection on Thursday
Submission on Thursday     : Collection on Friday
Submission on Friday         : Collection on Monday

*where a holiday falls on, NPCO can be collected the day after tomorrow during above mentioned office hours

To make sure safety measure and safety requirement is obliged and observed; JBCCCI will implement the following SOP for endorsement NPCO :

1. Company is required to put the NPCO with relevant supporting documents and payment in A4 envelope. Only complete NPCO will be processed.

2. Company’s name/ address , Contact Person’s name/mobile and numbers of NPCO submitted must be clearly written on the A4 envelope.

3. Please put the above-mentioned envelope in the labelled box which is put at the main entrance of JBCCCI’s office. All dispatch have to leave JBCCCI’s office after submitting documents.

4. For collecting NPCO documents, Dispatch /Person in charge should check the documents and receipt in envelope before leaving JBCCCI premise. 

We understand that this may cause inconvenience; however during this period of time, public safety is our nation utmost priority. Your cooperation would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

JBCCCI Secretariat (Ms Tan 0167718669)

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