JBCCCI 新山中华总商会 - Introduction of JBCCCI


Established since 1945, Johor Bahru Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry "JBCCCI" has been serving as a non-profit organization and important advocate of the Johor Bahru business community for more than 73 years. Essentially, JBCCCI also plays a pivotal role in bridging the divide between Federal/State government and private sectors to foster closer cooperation in the area of economic, cultural & educational development towards a prosperous Johor Bahru. The prosperity is achieved by conducting frequent trade & investment talks, numerous business matching and dialogue sessions, including many other commerce-enhancing activities organized by its own members, private sponsorships and government bodies.

As a leading business organization which helms a vast network comprising of 45 notable local trade associations and above 1000 corporate entities & professional memberships, JBCCCI has consistently advocated and organized trade missions abroad to attract foreign direct investments, thereby speeding up development of Johor State and the country.

At present, JBCCCI caters for a variety of community services to benefit our members, such as assisting them with trade enquiries, endorsing certificate of origin, organizing trade and industry events, as well as promoting trade and investment missions overseas for broader business networking. Representing the voice of Johor Bahru business community and its members, JBCCCI has strenuously developed a closely-knitted communication channel with various government and private bodies to express and contribute our unique perspectives and ideas to realize our common goal of transforming Johor into a model State and ultimately become the pride of our nation.