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    The Company which is first time applies Non Prefential Certificate of Origin shall enclose and submit a complete NPCO form and attached the following documents for endorsement:-

    1. Company's Registration certificate (Borang 9 or Borang A & Borang D)
    2. Memorandum & Articles
    3. Form 49 & Form 24
    4. Manufacturer's license
    5. Staturory Decleration Letter (which should be renewed and submitted once a year)
    6. Specimen of Authorized Signatures


    1) DOWNLOAD Statutory Declaration 

    2) DOWNLOAD specimen of authorised signatures (2016)



    1.Manufacturer (Made in Malaysia)
    • Invoice to customer
    • Packaging List to customer
    • Bill of Lading
    • Custom Form K2
    • EDI Receipt from Custom
    • sample / picture / catalogue (if needed)


    2.Trader (Made in Malaysia)
    • Invoice to customer
    • Packaging List to customer
    • Bill of Lading
    • Custom Form K2
    • EDI Receipt from Custom
    • Certificate from manufacturer for its manufactured product (for exporter / trader)
    • sample / picture / catalogue (if needed)


    Note : 

    • Original copy of Certificate of Origin that must be finished all particulars and every copy of Certificate of Origin must be endorsed with the company's rubber stamp and signed by an authorized official of the appicant company.
    • A copy of the original documents or photocopy documents that is certified as true copy by authorized official of the applicant company (Signature & Company's rubber stamp)
    • JBCCCI will retain an original copy of NPCO for filing purpose
    • JBCCCI will only accept applications for endorsement of Non-preferential Certificates of Origin for shipments within 3 months after the date of export. Applications for endorsement of Non-Preferential Certificates of Origin before the date of export will not be entertained except for air shipments
    • Non-Preferential Certificates of Origin will be issued provided the relevant documents submitted are in order. Issuing chamber reserves the right to reject any applications at its sole discretion.

    Servicing charges of Non Preferential Certificate of Origin and NPCO Form :

    MemberNon Member
    The Endorsement fee for each copy of Non Preferential Certificate of Origin (NPCO)
    RM 5.30 / per copyRM 10.60 / per copy
    Each additional documents
    (Endorse on Invoice / Packing List & relevant documents)
    RM 5.30 / per copy
    RM 10.60 / per copy
    Certificate of Origin Form
    (per pad of 100 copies)
    * Applicant shall furnish all particulars, typewritten as required in the certificate
    ** Using a standardized NPCO format
    RM 26.50
    RM 31.80

    *Price quoted inclusive 6% GST

    Please be informing that the Company which involved in fraudulent act will be blacklisted for one year by MITI. MITI will also inform all Chamber of Commerce and trade association on the particular blacklisted company's information.

    Download Certificate of Origin

    (Certificate of Origin)









    -       已向马来西亚公司委员会注册的厂商、出口商或贸易商

    -     产品:

    (a) 马来西亚制造或是采用100%本地原料;或

    (b) 经过产品转换过程而改变关税编号分类的马来西亚产品;

    (c) 25%以上采用马来西亚原料制造的产品。

    -      商联会接受货运出口日后的1个月内,要求签署非优惠原产地证明书的申请。除了航空货运可在出口日前申请签署非优惠原产地证明书,其他货运一概不获接受在出口日前申请签署非优惠原产地证明书。

    -     有关申请者必须提供所需的完整文件,以申请非优惠原产地证明书。签署商会保有拒绝任何申请的权利。








    (a) 马来西亚制造及加工的产品- 在马来亚制造和加工的货物及产品

    (b) 进口货物再出口 - 外国制造和加工的货物及产品,进口马来西亚再出口



    *All endorsement Fee inclusive GST