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[ 02-04-2015 ]

新山中华总商会创立于1945年, 2015年将是新山中华总商会成立70周年纪念,在4月至12月期间,将举办连串的庆祝活动,借此能更广泛地向社会各界人士传递商会成立70年历程。 本会始终以服务社会、与时并进为宗旨,秉承提供多项服务以促进会员商家在工商业方面的发展,致力维护工商权益,广泛联络工商界人士,积极拓展新山商界与世界各地的联系。


本会将于2015年6月出版《新山中华总商会成立70周年纪念特刊》, 此纪念特刊特点如下:

(一) 发行层次高、范围广。预计于2015年4月份将举办盛大纪念晚宴, 宴客名单除本会会员外,还将邀请州务大臣及政府相关部门官员、工商单位、柔佛地区商会及社团、商会知名企业家等等;当晚盛宴实况将收录在此富纪念性特刊之中,同时印刷成册之后,将寄发予与本会往来的邻近各地商会组织,如中国、香港、台湾、印尼、新加坡、汶莱等。


(二) 纪念特刊制作设计精美。纪念特刊四色彩印,广告图文并茂,风格各异。既有一定收藏纪念价值,更为企业展示商品与服务提供有效行销平台。





附上相关专访与广告版位价格表供参阅。由于版位有限, 敬请欲报名之商家会员于 2015 年 3月 31日 以前抓紧办理刊登事项。






Ms. Tan / Ms.Siau

电话: 07-232 8669 / 8663

传真: 07-232 8699

电邮: wltan@jbccci.org.my / info@jbccci.org.my



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   2015 marks a historic year for Johor Bahru Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (JBCCCI), as we commemorate the 70th  year of establishment. Between April to December this year, JBCCCI will be organizing a series of celebratory events so as to raise the public awareness on our heritage. Our chamber's objectives have always been to contribute our support and services effectively to the business community and public at large, to keep up with the changing times.


Through our various initiatives and services offerings, JBCCCI also provides the platform for our members to develop their businesses in the community via social and business networking, at the same time safeguarding their interests and facilitate international trade and development beyond Johor Bahru.


In conjunction with JBCCCI's 70th Anniversary Celebration, a special commemorative publication will be produced in June 2015, with special highlights as follows:  


    i) Wide distribution network – The list of distinguished invitees for our grand gala dinner include: Chief Minister of Johor and relevant Government departments’ officials, Johor Bahru's business and trade associations, notable entrepreneurs from the Chamber of Commerce and our association members. The event highlights of our grand gala dinner will be published in the commemorative Magazine and widely distributed to our affiliated Chamber of Commerce in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and etc.


   ii) Insightful content - Our commemorative Magazine will be professionally designed, to be the definitive source of business information and a rich variety of relevant advertisements. It is designed to be a collectors’ item, while providing an effective marketing platform for business owners on their latest products and services.


Last but not least, all business owners are also invited to be part of our inaugural special feature on the <Top 50 Successful Business Leaders & Enterprises in Iskandar Malaysia>, whereby successful homegrown entrepreneurs, public figures and business elites will be interviewed for their expert opinions and valuable insights to their business, as well as the overall industry and economic outlook. These success stories or showcase will no doubt inspire and benefit our fellow members and audience.



Should you wish to participate in this special program, kindly refer to our Advertising Rate Card and register your interest with our Secretariat Office by 31st March 2015, as space is limited.



We wish you a very successful and prosperous 2015 ahead!



For further information or registration, kindly contact as follows or visit our website: http://jbccci.org.my/


Johor Bahru Chinese Chamber Of Commerce (JBCCCI)


Ms. Tan / Ms. Siau


Tel: 07- 232 8669 / 8663

Fax: 07-232 8699

Email: wltan@jbccci.org.my / info@jbccci.org.my



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