APEC 商务旅行卡计划(APEC Business Travel Card Scheme, ABTC)

    • 申请者必须是商会会员
    • 申请公司必须是SDN BHD (不接受个人申请)
    • 申请APEC须出示以下资料(缺一不可):-

    1. 公司写给各地中华总商会、全国总商会及公司给移民厅的推荐信(给2个总商会之信的内容可用同一版本,放不同地址;申请人不能自己签名,须由另一个Director(有在SSM注册)签名)*请用正版的Letter Head,logo/公司名须有颜色,不要全黑.

    下载:1) 推荐信样本    2) APEC卡申请表

    2. 国际护照副本(有相片那页)(有效期须超过三年半)

    3. 到SSM列印完整的Company Information(大概7、8页)

    4. 申请表格正本

    5. 身份证副本

    6. 彩色照片1张(蓝底)

    7. APEC卡副本(针对更新APEC卡申请)

    8. 按规定, 申请者必须是公司执行经理; 除此之外, 只有公司经理/ 销售经理可提出申请(必须提呈公司聘用证明)


    -申请者必须是公司director, 若雇员(MANAGER以下级别不具申请资格)提出申请,须附上公司给予的Appointment Letter。若有关申请遭移厅退回或拒绝,中总与柔中总将不退还有关申请费用。

    -APEC申请实行收费制,商会提供的服务范围涵盖提呈申请表格及获取reference No(申请人无须亲自到移民厅申请),申请者一旦取获reference no后(经由电邮通知),须不时上网查询移民厅的审查进度。


    (1)RM35 :支票抬头请志:The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce And Industry of Malaysia

    (2)RM115:支票抬头请志:Johor Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce And Industry







    Documents required for application of an APEC Business Travel Card are as Follows:

    1. Three letters – to ACCCIM, JBCCCI and  Immigration Department (Please refer attached files and choose the necessary - Download: Sample Letter )

    2. APEC Card Application Form (Download : Application Form - New)

    3. A copy of Malaysia Passport (Validity: more than 3 ½ years)

    4. Information statement (Corporate Information) of the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) which contains:

    • Details of the company’s corporate profile
    • Statement of paid-up capital
    • List of directors, officers and company partner
    • Financial statement (profit & loss) 

    5. 1 piece - recent passport size photograph (Blue background)

    6. A copy  of  ID card

    7.A copy of Apec Card (if RENEWAL)

    8. The applicant must be a company director. Beside that, only company’s GENERAL MANAGER, SALES or MARKETING MANAGER is eligible for application(Employment Letter given by the company is needed).

    *Kindly prepare 1 original copy and 3 photocopied sets of items 1-7 for JBCCCI’s retention.

    9. For multiple applications : please do not make joint payment to avoid complication in transaction in the event that one of the applications is being rejected due to non-eligibility.

    10. Please do not mail the application form together with cash payment, as cash may be lost in the mail.

    11. For those eligible applications that have been duly checked by ACCCIM and submitted to the Immigration Department, in the event that such application being rejected by Immigration Department, fee paid is NOT refundable.

    12. Every applicant shall remit :-

    • to ACCCIM a cheque of RM35.00, payable to “The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia”; and
    • to JACCCI a cheque of RM115.00, payable to “Johor Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce And Industry”.

    **Please indicate applicant’s name and company name at the back of the cheque.

    Johor Bahru Chinese Chamber of Commerce And Industry (JBCCCI)

    Tel: 07-232 8669/232 8663

    Fax:07-232 8699

    Address: 89A-91A, Jalan Glasiar, Taman Tasek, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor.